pipe relining
Gone are the days of ripping up floors and groundwork to repair damaged pipes.
Fuss-Free Pipe Rehabilitation

Relining of gully traps brisbaneClearflow’s Nu Flow technology not only relines damaged pipe work with amazing accuracy, it is also immensely versatile.

In a nutshell, it works like this:
A felt liner (or bladder) is impregnated with special resins.
This is then inserted into the damaged section of the drain.
Clearflow’s CCTV ensures spot-on positioning of the bladder which is then inflated.
Once the resin has cured the bladder is deflated and removed.
The result is a smooth, continuous pipe — just like new.
Superior Advantages

Clearflow’s Nu Flow pipe relining is suitable for:

pipes of 40 mm to 600 mm diameter

any pipe medium used in Australia — old earthenware … PVC … cast-iron … the latest plastic compounds

From The Smallest

Inferior rehabilitation systems require pipe relining from manhole to manhole. Clearflow’s Nu Flow pipe relining is immensely flexible and versatile:

A small section of pipe at any position in a drain can be repaired

A single cracked joint can be repaired

“pin-hole” problems (e.g., often encountered in urinal systems) are a cinch
Clearflow often only requires a single point of access.

To The Largest Job

Clearflow’s Nu Flow pipe relining is ideal for:

relining through the entire junction and along multiple drain directions to cover all possible troubled joints Relining of pipeline junctions

relining through multiple bends

relining broken communications and conduit pipes under concrete slabs, driveways and roadways

relining of level invert tapers — Clearflow’s Nu Flow system takes pipe diameter changes in its stride
solving the renovator’s worst nightmare (e.g., the bath is secured in 100 mm of earthenware) — Clearflow’s Nu Flow no-dig versatility will have the bathroom pipe work restored to pristine condition in no time

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Before Reline
After Reline