drainage clearing brisbaneClearflow Specialised Services can assess and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem by use of C.C.T.V Drain camera inspections either Push rod or Main-line Tractor cameras with full WinCan Version 8 reporting.

We can inspect lines from 50mm – 600mm with either our Push Rod System or our IBAK Mainline system which allows us to inspect 150mm – 600mm in 200 metre continuous lengths with full WinCan Version 8 reporting.

Closed Circuit T.V Camera Inspections are used to help unblock and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem which will aid finding the easiest solution to rectify the problem.
On the spot recommendations and quotes to rectify the problem are available if requested.

   Preventative Drain Maintenance Programs
Jet RoddingFor the past several years we have been undertaking Preventative Drain Maintenance Programmes for several of our Clients Ranging from House holds to large Shopping Centres, Food Chains, Schools, Eateries, Food courts and Restaurants.

What we have achieved is that our clients have saved money as well as preventing unnecessary and unsightly blockages during Trading hours.

Here at Clearflow Specialised Services we believe that it is easier to prevent a blockage than having to react to a blockage.

Our GREASE RELEASE and VAPOROOTER products as well as HIGH PRESSURE DRAIN CLEANING are the best and most cost effective ways of preventing BLOCKAGES.