Drains can become blocked for several reasons:
plant or tree root invasion

foreign objects being flushed into the system

a build-up of fats, grease and dirt

faulty or failing drain

Of these, root invasion poses the greatest, long-term problem — roots simply grow back; an unrepaired pipe leaves the door open, so to speak.
Problems Solved

Before Clearflow there was the Electric Eel and Rooter Scooter. Both suffered flaws and often left behind substantial root activity.

Now closed-circuit TV (CCTV) and better still, Clearflow’s Mainline Tractor technology, together with high pressure drain cleaning (Jet Rodding), blow the old ways to smithereens.

Add to these processes Clearflow’s innovative pipe rehabilitation system and your drains will be like new again!

CCTV and Jet Rodding

drainage clearing brisbaneAs it moves along the pipe, Clearflow’s mainline tractor camera reveals all. Now the area is ready for the Jet Rod.

For the technically minded, the Jet Rod’s working pressure is around 5000 PSI. Working at this pressure, Clearflow’s system removes 100% of the blockage — it will be a long time between drinks for the invasive root system, and all foreign objects and blockages will be quickly dispensed with.

This Means Clearflow Can Do What Others Cannot

Here are a few examples:

A broken pipe beneath the kitchen of a government facility poised to host an official function threatened to close the kitchen down for a week (not to mention cancellation of the gala event). Clearflow were in and out within 10 hours. plumbing and draining services queensland

A sewer pipe burst 8m below a $250,000, 6m boulder wall. The traditional solution would have required demolition of the wall. Ouch! Cleaflow’s team knocked the job over in a wholly different manner — within one week the problem was solved and the spectacular wall remains intact.

With barely an hour to go before their wedding reception, a distraught couple reported a burst sewer pipe underneath the nuptial lawn. The hosts were so delighted with Clearflow’s rapid response, they invited the team to the reception.

Root Foaming — With Clearflow’s 12-month guarantee

To be doubly certain that tree roots are discouraged from future intrusions, Clearflow offers the Vaporooter Root Foaming Treatment.

This annual management program sterilises the soil and destroys root activity within 1m of the pipe — without harming the tree.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Clearflow also delivers an optional no-dig solution to pipe repairs — Nu Flow Pipe Relining. It’s accurate and immensely versatile — the groundbreaking pipe repair system that doesn’t require ground breaking.
Call Clearflow for all the details.